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Conducted *LIVE On Zoom (For Overseas Attendees) & Onsite (For Singapore Attendees)

To All Ambitious & Experienced SME Business Owners & Entrepreneurs


These strategies will help you raise capital without borrowing, increase profits through business model transformation, recruit management talents like the MNCs, and become an A+ entrepreneur.

Get exclusive access to our
IPO² Event and get $4,997 worth of bonuses

U.P.: $4,997



IPO² Event: Exclusive LIVE Onsite & Online 4-Hour Valuable Event To FAST-TRACK Your Business Growth!

Over +275 Reviews on






Here's what you'll gained from our exclusive event...

Looking to IPO

(Initial Public Offering)?

1) Can my company become public listed?

2) Can my dream to list my company become a reality?

3) But my company is small, can I still use IPO as a target?

Are you aware that now:

1) Small companies can go IPO!

2) Non-profitable companies can IPO too!

3) Even no revenue and new companies can go IPO too!

How you are able to:

A) Build a A+ Management Team!

B) Design and build a bankable business model that is investor-attractive!

C) Raise substantial capital from investors!

Our Mission is to Develop A+ Companies!


If you are a Grade 'A' or 'B' company, and you are keen to lead your company to become A+ (Profitable & Valuable)


In this 4-hour event, you'll also gain clear insights & strategies on how to become A+ companies, how to grow your company beyond Small & Medium categories… and many more!

For companies with annual sales revenue above SGD5Million that are looking for... 

EXIT Strategy

All businesses need an exit strategy at some point, even if that just means transferring ownership of the company when one owner decides to retire. If you're looking for an exit strategy, this is for you.

Business Model


Looking to regionalised your business and create an investor-attractive business model that investors seek to invest in? We've something prepared for you.

TALENT Succession

Looking to attract A+ talents just like the MNCs? We've strategies that will position you as the top-go-to companies that top talents will seek for.


Looking for strategies to increase your company valuation and corporatise your company? This exclusive event is something worth exploring to uncover how top companies in Fortune 500 implement to increase and maximise their valuation.

IPO is about business growth, and as long as you are an ambitious business owner who wants business growth, you can set IPO as a target!

Know the proven fast-track growth formula for SMEs, if you are an ambitious SME business owner!

Master the A.B.C formula to Fast-Track your business growth!

Total value: $4,997


Here's What OUR CLIENTS Have to Say

Let's hear what our clients have to say about PIF Capital, and we hope you can be part of it too.

(Scroll Right To View More Video Testimonials from PIF Capital Clients.)

More Testimonials for PIF Capital


Dr. Bernard Yeo

Founder, UCMHP Academy Singapore

I got a peace of mind knowing I had raised the funds right and proper way with the guidelines given by PIF. I would like to thank PIF for showing me how to tap into capital wisdom and how to create financial master plan towards the journey of IPO.

Dr Bernard successfully raised SGD1 million within 2 months which he used to expand his business.

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Delene Lee

Founder, MultiMedia

I am very glad that I came to this event to meet potential partnerships related to my industry, as well as potential partnerships that I can further develop and explore.

Dalene Lee managed to secure potential partnerships by attending our events organised by PIF Capital.


Mr. Lou Beltran

Founder, Adverva Media, Phillipines

My biggest takeaway is how to determine the value of my company correctly, and use that to leverage and get additional funding and capital into my business. Thank you PIF Capital for sharing your knowledge with SMEs. The value that you are giving away is helpful in my business.

Within 2 months, he raised 20 million pesos (SGD150,000), which is 25 years of the minimum wage salary in The Philippines. He eventually used this amount to expand his business by more than 10 times.


Mr. Aaron Tay

Founder, LOL Projects Singapore

I learnt so much about capital entrepreneurship and corporate business models within one year, and I have applied what I learnt to expand my company team. Thank you PIF Capital for the mentorship and support.

WIthin one year, Aaron expanded LOL Projects to a 30-personnel company.


David Lee

Founder, OceanMaster Engineering

As a businessman that has run businesses for so many years, what PIF Capital shared are very useful for entrepreneurs. Both Guru Jonathan and Dr. Grace  have very good business knowledge, especially in finance and IPO processes.

David Lee managed to discover strategies and business plan to fast-track his business growth that can propell his businesses forward.


Mr. Dhanvan Saulo

CEO, Co-founder, Cosmic Group

I never thought my company could raise capital in this way and that IPO is possible. I learnt so much from the advisors here that I highly recommend all entrepreneurs to join this amazing environment for their business growth!

Dhanvan has successfully raised close to USD600,000. He has also expanded his business through M&A to include retail and technology.

Discover How PIF Capital Clients Leverage On Equity Financing To Grow To A Highly Valuable & Profitable A+ Company

Join thousands of ambitious SME business owners who have discover the open-secret to company fast-track growth!

  • If you could fast-track your business growth in under 2 years, would you want to know HOW?

  • Can my company become public listed?

  • Can my dream to list my company become a reality?

  • My company is small, can I still use IPO as a target?

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Join thousands of business owners from Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and other regional countries who are already applying our FAST-TRACK GROWTH strategies in their business after attending the onsite/online event.

FAST-TRACK Your Business Growth With Our C.P.T.K™ Framework


Get guidance on how to attract funding opportunities from a community of investors instead of debt financing.


How to build an investor-attractive, bankable and disruptive business model to recruit investors acquisition targets and talents.


Learn from the Global 500 on how to recruit, retain and reward your employees to ensure long term growth.


Get guidance on how to leverage on equity to monetise your network to net worth and build a profitable and valuable company. ​ ​


What you will uncover in this 4-hour insightful event designed for A+ SME business owners like you:

The exact roadmap that big and successful A+ companies are using to achieve billion dollar status

How to start transforming your business and achieve a high valuation.

How to get investors interested in your business even when its not generating high profits.

Get tools and the know-how of the OPM (Other People's Money) and OPP (Other People's Profits) strategy.

The secrets and insights to an IPO:

  • Why is it important to IPO your company?

  • When is the best time to kickstart your IPO?

  • Who are the people forming your IPO team? 

  • What are the options to go IPO?

  • How to increase your share price post IPO?


Why You Should Attend IPO²

As an ambitious SME business owner...

You want to achieve new breakthroughs and fast-track your business growth

You have plans to scale your business but do not know how to and who to get advise from

You are looking for more capital to grow your business but do not know what are the available options 

You are looking for credible, trusted and seasoned investors to invest in your business or business plans 

You are looking at listing your company through an IPO and need to enter into the capital markets

You are looking to expand your network through our Capital Community network.

Here's The Sneak Peak of Our Signature Events

Let's take a look at our event highlights to have a slight taste of the amount of value our Signature Event entails! These are just a small piece of it! There're more!

Get To Meet Our Advisors Team

Corporate Profile.png
Corporate Profile.png
Jonathan Por
Clarence Chong
PIF Capital
Corporate Finance Director,
PIF Capital

Coached over 5,000 entrepreneurs in business transformation and financial management.​

  • Serial Entrepreneur and Founder of PIF Capital since 2016​.

  • Recipient of Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2007/2008, Asia Pacific Entrepreneur Award 2009, Spirit of Enterprise Award 2014, CFMAS Module Certification 2015.​

Track Record:​

Fundraised > US$2B​

M&A: > US$400M​

IPO/RTO projects: 10 deals​

  • 17 years of extensive experience in corporate and investment banking across Asia.​

  • Led fundraising and M&A advisory as a Director at Southeast Asia Corporate Finance at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC); Served as Head of Investment Banking at the Bank of China in Singapore.​

Corporate Profile.png
Dr. Grace Lim
Managing Director,
Antz Capital

Orchestrated business transformations and ​

fundraising strategies for over 100 companies.​

  • Singapore Certified Expert Management Consultant, ACCA-qualified professional and Serial Entrepreneur.​

  • Experienced in Applied Capital Strategy, Initial Public Offering, and Strategy Advisory Support.​

Corporate Profile.png
Henry Lim
Executive Director,
Antz Capital

Track Record:​

Fundraised > US$1B​

M&A > US$1B​

IPO projects: 13 IPO​

  • Over 20 years of experience in corporate finance and commercial operations.​

  • Experienced in IPO advisory, fundraising, due diligence, and cross-border M&A transactions.​

Be Here On-site EARLY!

Be sure to be early on-site 30 minutes earlier during the day of event to enjoy these perks below!

(Note: ONLY Onsite Attendees Will Be Able To Enjoy These Perks Below)

1-to-1 Business Diagnosis! (Worth SGD$499)

  • In-depth look at your business challenges

  • Understand your desired outcome for your business growth

  • Understand your goal and vision for your company

  • Available solutions and game plans to fast-track your business growth

1-to-1 5-Minute Capital Gurus Session

(Worth SGD$4,997)

  • An exclusive close-up discussion with our Capital Gurus, Dr. Grace Lim and Guru Jonathan Por.

  • Gain clarity in the current situation of your business.

  • Tap into our Capital Guru's insights in unlocking new ideas for your business.

  • Unlock untapped possibilities to grow and scale your business.

  • Clarify your doubts and get your questions answered that you've with regards to your business. 

Character Profiling 

(Worth SGD$497)

  • Get to know how to work well with your employees, business partners and collaborators.

  • Get the right know-how on choosing the right management team for your company.

  • Get to understand your strengths and weaknesses as the main key-man of your company.

  • Get to understand your needs and wants so you could better manage your team.

Be Part of Our
E.P.I.C Community



Q1 / Why is this event important for SME business owners?

Looking to Fast-Track your business growth? Get connected with the right advisors from experts and veterans who are already in the corporate finance industry!

If you are interested, we have a range of consultancy services, events and programmes available to cater to your business needs.


You are welcome to enquire about them during this event through our Capital Consultants.

Q2 / Is this workshop held live in person?

Yes, it is held every Tuesdays 8:30am to 1pm except public holidays at our Singapore office located at:

20 Sin Ming Lane #06-60/61 Midview City Singapore 573968

Q3 / Can I attend online if I am not in Singapore?

Only overseas attendees are allowed to attend online via Zoom. Singapore attendees are advised to come onsite for the event to enjoy the full experience of this exclusive event. For overseas attendees who are able to come onsite for this exclusive event, you may feel free to fly in to Singapore to join the event live.

Q4 / What to expect after registration?

After you've registered your interest, check your email inbox for the confirmation email. If you didn't receive it, please check your email spam/junk email. 

Our Capital Consultants will also be reaching out to you to get to know more about what you do and how we could help you in your business. Do keep a look out for our WhatsApp call and message. 

Q5 / I'm looking for the right advise to fast-track my business growth, how can I go about doing it?

Join us in our upcoming event this coming Tuesday and our Key Advisors and Speakers will share their tried, tested and proven strategies to fast-track your business growth. With their extensive proven track record, they will be able to provide you with the right insights to fast-track your business growth. 

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PIF Capital (S) Pte Ltd
20 Sin Ming Lane, #06-61 Midview City
Singapore 573968

Success in any business, industry or field has to take considerable effort and hard work. Not all companies are able to achieve the same results. It is through strategic planning, calculated risk-taking and smart decisions that success is achieved through our education system and support. PIF Capital (S) Pte Ltd will not be liable for any asset or valuation loss resulting from illegal and incorrect business practices.

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